SEO vs Design: The Ongoing Battle

SEO vs Design: The ongoing battle

seo-vs-designSEO and design are now part of the same team. They want click through rates, site traffic, call to actions, increased sales. They both rejoice in their success when numbers are up, and blame each other when numbers are down.

Sounds a lot like two rival siblings doesn’t it?

How convenient then that I have an extremely talented brother who is passionate about web design and development, and I, equally aggressive in my own field of SEO. How fitting of a metaphor is that?


When a designer gets to work purely based on what his perspective of a consumer gets everything looks so pretty and charismatic. It captures the eye of people that find it. The keyword (pun-intended) here is “people that find it.” I’m not saying you’ve done a bad job, because quite frankly, I am not nearly as creative or talented as some designs I’ve seen him create.
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JJ Liwanags Work: BrightUX

Hm. It seems I need to put content here to prevent unreadable jibberish from popping up on my homepage. So i’ll just fill it with unnecessary text so everything gets pushed down while I can simply implement a bit of code to save me some time for some reason I didn’t think about it until right about so, so now I have all this stupid writing out there and feel sad that I wasted 20 seconds of my life.
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