Quill.com Achievements

The Numbers

YOY revenue up 80%
Traffic up 150%

Faceted Navigation

– Scaling pages for organic search in order to begin ranking for the attribute keywords.

Hierarchy restructuring

– eliminate duplicate pages and optimize new pages for high volume keywords.
– simplify experience and eliminate unnecessary extra clicks
– Fixed buyers funnel, send people who know what they want ot the product page, and send people who are shopping around to category pages.

Dynamic 301 redirect strategy

– automatically redirect pages that are no longer relevant, orphaned or are no longer used to part level category. Example, “Mrs. Fields cookies” product page is no longer available, redirect this page to the parent category: “Cookies”.

Featured on Search Engine Land as a top b2b ecommerce website here.

Featured by Justin King here.

Branded store pages

– Capture branded product category pages and send internal link equity towards new faceted navigation pages.
– Scaled and increased ranking of [brand] + [product] keywords for organic search.
– Freeeeee moneyyyyyyy

Landing Page optimization

– Changed the methodology of landing pages from image based iframes to HTML friendly pages that include content, internal link strategy and keyword targeted pages.
– Go from 0 visitors to 1,000 in less than a month

Canonical Strategy

– Implement canonical strategy for similar URLs
– Eliminated 100,000 duplicate pages from Google Webmaster Tools report to 8,000.


– Implemented proper rel=prev, rel=next strategy to ensure all products are crawled and paginated pages do not compete with eachother.

Family of products

– eliminate products that have the same name, but require unique pages based on attributes. ex. ball point pen product page has 10 different colors which all require unique URLS and title tags each. Family of products eliminates unnecessary pages and gives the product page more link equity.

Evergreen URLs

– Get an enterprise level company to stop creating new URLs for every single promotion, prioritize urls to get evergreen URLs for pages that are monthly and yearly promotions (ex. office supply specials page; think pink page).

To be continued…