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Gizoogle, The Hilarious Search Spoof

Gizoogle, The Hilarious Search Spoof Add some modern day chat to your web searches with one of the funniest search spoofs I’ve run into. Go to gizoogle.net and start searching for whatever favorite websites you have. Hilarious. Here is a Gizoogle of my name: Andrew Liwanag Here is my homepage Here is my twitter account […]

CCO Partners: The Internship

Let’s backtrack just a little bit and post about the beginning of my career, like most people it begins with an internship. I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences of what I went through and how it all turned out for me. TL;DR I got an internship, it gave me […]

SEO vs Design: The Ongoing Battle

SEO vs Design: The ongoing battle SEO and design are now part of the same team. They want click through rates, site traffic, call to actions, increased sales. They both rejoice in their success when numbers are up, and blame each other when numbers are down. Sounds a lot like two rival siblings doesn’t it? […]

JJ Liwanags Work: BrightUX

Hm. It seems I need to put content here to prevent unreadable jibberish from popping up on my homepage. So i’ll just fill it with unnecessary text so everything gets pushed down while I can simply implement a bit of code to save me some time for some reason I didn’t think about it until […]

Chronicles of Andrew


So it’s been quite a while since I’ve been on my own blog. That is entirely unacceptable and I have no excuse for not keeping up to date. However, lets begin with a small overview of what I’ve been through in the past four months.

First of all I left my job at a marketing agency to work freelance for a doctor, as well as attempting to find a more stable environment for myself. About a month and half ago I was hired to work as an in-house SEO coordinator at