Gizoogle, The Hilarious Search Spoof

Gizoogle, The Hilarious Search Spoof

Add some modern day chat to your web searches with one of the funniest search spoofs I’ve run into.
Go to and start searching for whatever favorite websites you have. Hilarious.

Here is a Gizoogle of my name: Andrew Liwanag

gizoogle andrew liwanag

Here is my homepage

gizoogle andrew liwanag homepage

Here is my twitter account

gizoogle andrew liwanag twitter

And finally, the most professional linkedin portfolio ever (click to zoom in and check out the wonderfully written skillset and experience I have in ecommerce SEO

gizoogle andrew liwanag linkedin

Great stuff. That made my Monday better. Tweet some of your Gizoogle’s and funny search related topics! Humor > Work.

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