Where did my Google+ picture on the search results go?

So I’ve done a terrible job of keeping up with this website. In fact I didn’t even notice my G+ picture was gone from my serp! Picture for reference:

Andrew Liwanag no Google+ Picture

Knowledge graph was still there.

Google+ URLs in search results still had me pasted on there.

What happened to my Authorship?!

is clearly in my view source and the G+ page is linked to my website. Maybe since I took a nice friendly URL it unlinked it from my account. We’ll see if that test works out

I’ll update a little later.


found g+

So I figured out it happened right along the time I changed my G+ URL to “/+andrewliwanag30”. I guess the rel= didn’t transfer over and once I changed it to the root URL it fixed itself. Bam!

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