SEO Tools & Resources for Ecommerce websites

The point of this page is to collect all of the SEO resources I find value in, I have left some out of here due to my lack of time editing this website, I’ll be sure to update it soon. There are literally thousands of resources so feel free to find the ones that you find most interestings. Just remember, it’s impossible to keep up with all the trending news. Picking out the ones that help you most are the ones you should focus on. If you find anything worth mentioning please do share, I value collaboration as highly as I do efficiency. – helpful and can be counted on for support. I spend most of my time here reading the always updating blogs of personal experiences, strategies & techniques, while attempting to test them on my own. SEOmoz is the most influential tool & company I can rely on. Mozbar = awesome. – Also a very helpful SEO website, the tools on this website are very helpful, I tend to use the rank checker a lot more often than others. This site is full of useful information & is my backup website for useful resources. – The Reddit of the SEO world. Anything and everything you want in a resource. Although I actually think a lot of it isn’t great information, just repeated strategies – it still gives me ideas that I can apply towards different aspects of digital marketing.


Google Webmasters – What better place to check the health of your site, among other useful information, than a Google made product itself? Control the insides of your site, you don’t want it to catch a cold. This also shows keywords your site is aimed at & what is working well.

Google Analytics – Analytics has a way of making measurements more than just numbers and stats. It gives you specific & customizable information so you can pinpoint the areas that are struggling as well as what is working well. Warning – it is addicting.

Screaming Frog – Xenu for PC – Spiders that you don’t have to be afraid of. Crawl your website & see what Google crawlers see. Check the site structure, missing meta’s, broken & orphaned links. Much more organized that checking every webpage on dreamweaver. ugh, done that before.

Open Site Explorer – Awesome free link checker, stands apart from the rest, but you can only use it 3 times a day =(

Linkdiagnosis = Other useful Back link tools. Find who links to you under what anchor text. Helps when checking for spam

Not to sound like a broke record, but I do enjoy following different blogs and learning new insights from fellow SEO’s. So shoot me and email, or comment below if you have something to share.