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Chicago SEO specializing in enterprise level ecommerce. Let's go Bears!

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Andrew Liwanag Hi! My name is Andrew Liwanag and welcome to my site. I started this blog in 2012 with the hopes of creating the most perfect and amazing portfolio. Then I redesigned it. Then I redesigned it again. Finally... I redesigned it again. Hopefully this will be the last time. This website is all and everything ecommerce SEO. It has been the main focus of my career for a couple years now and I work for a largescale enterprise level corporation in Staples (my focus is quill.com)

My Skills

  1. Ecommerce SEO80%
  2. Search Engine Optimization75%
  3. Strategizing60%
  4. Being Awesome110%
Search engine optimization has been my career focus, ecommerce SEO has been my specialty. I gave these 80% & 75% because lets face it, there's always more to learn. Strategizing is at 60% because the other 40% is execution.As for being awesome? Well... You'll just have to Email me. ...or scroll the mouse a tiny bit further and fill out the form. If you write a story and send it in, I'll also offer some free SEO advice. That's not a joke that's a real offer.

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  • Search engine optimization is not solely visualized as a rocket science by THOSE WHO COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND IT.- Danny Sullivan
  • If you ain't first you're last.- Ricky Bobby